improve your property’s aesthetics, while simultaneously increasing its value


Murray Property Management knows that no two home or building owners are exactly alike, so we offer a wide selection of siding to help you achieve the look you desire.

New siding can dramatically improve the curb appeal and value of your home. It is a crucial element to any home or building. The perfect siding can dramatically improve your property’s aesthetics, while simultaneously increasing its value.

You can choose from a variety options such as vinyl, composite, cement, and solid core. Vinyl happens to be our most popular siding option, as it is low cost and low maintenance. Thanks to advances in formulas, coloring, and extrusion, vinyl siding simulates painted wood siding without the chance of rotting or the need for paint.

In addition to beautifying your home or building, siding can actually help lower your utility bills. MPM is well suited to achieve this goal. Our siding contractors can blow insulation into your walls before installing siding, or we can install a rigid insulation board prior to siding installation. To take it one step further, we can install an exterior wrap, such as Tyvek, which will raise the efficiency of your walls. This saves you money and can also save you time, as it has a 100% maintenance-free exterior, with no need to clean, lubricate, or paint the siding.

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